Twonky Mobile 2.1

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Instantly stream media from your phone to devices on your home network!

Important: If you downloaded Twonky Mobile before May 20, 2011, you will not need to purchase a license key. Version 2.0.4 fixed an issue where people were placed into trial mode even if they had downloaded the app before May 20. You will be able to update Twonky Mobile using this version, and future versions, without going into trial mode. If you uninstalled the app or modified your SD card before installing version 2.0.4, you may still be placed into trial mode.

Instantly stream media from your phone to devices on your home network!

Enjoy a full-featured version of Twonky Mobile for 14 days and instantly stream music, photos and videos from your phone to devices on your home network!

If you love it from the start, or after 14 days, select Buy Now from within the app to purchase the Twonky Mobile license from the Android Market. This license will remove the trial limit on your existing Twonky Mobile application. There is no need to download another app.

With Twonky Mobile, find personal and online music, photos and videos on your phone and play them on one of the hundreds of devices available for your home network (such as Airplay, UPnP or DLNA-certified devices). Beam media to supported devices or access your phone's media from networked devices, including Xbox 360® and Sony® PS3™.

Your media choices are practically unlimited! Beam from many popular websites; media apps, such as YouTube; media in e-mails you’ve received; and, of course, your phone’s music, photo and video collection. Please note that format support, as well as beaming functionality, rely on your networked device’s capabilities.

If you have TwonkyManager™ or TwonkyServer™, wirelessly copy media from your network to your phone or your phone’s media to your computer. You can also access your computer’s media collection, like your iTunes songs and playlists, and use Twonky Mobile to control where and how it plays.

Visit for more info about Twonky Mobile and other Twonky products.

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